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The night of spring when the veil is the thinnest. This is the shadow of All Hallow's Eve in fall. Because Samhain and Beltane have a direct 6 month link to each other, they are a balance, metaphysically. This means in either night the veil thins to a thread and the dead, fae, and all otherworldly creatures have free-reign on earth. This is a night of witchcraft, known as Witches' Night or Feast of Saint Walpurga in Germany and other European cultures.

This night is celebrated form April 30 - May 1. This year is very special as the night falls on the Full Moon. It also falls on the Moon's Day which only amplifies the lunar connections and the spirits of the forgotten. In some rural cultures it is customary to play pranks on neighbors, much like in the Irish-American tradition of Samhain.

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