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Our Father, the Morning Star

Who lights the path of Eternity.

Our spirits One, My will is done;

The Infernal Mastery is within me.

Give us this day limitless power,

And lead us away from the flock,

To question all meaning

That delivers us from ignorance.

With a grievous hand

And even temper we spare not the sheep and their keeper.


Widow Apr 4 '18 · blogs+tags grimoire, luciferian, prayer
Widow Admin

I am a superior illuminated being that stands above idol worshipers.

I am proud of being all that is.

I am free to do as I wish while accepting the consequences.

I am a person who strives for wealth and lives in prosperity.

I accept my carnal primordial nature as it is and it is glorious.

I am merciful on those who have proven themselves worthy.

I am cruel and wrathful to those who have proven themselves worthy.

I imagine and theorize but am firmly grounded in reality.

I respect Mind, Body and Spirit.

I do not convert. My knowledge is only for the elite and shall not be wasted on fools.

I love the earth and the sun, the stars and nature.

I respect people of Abrahamic faiths and accept their inferior existence. 

I put reason, the self and common sense squarely above god.

I have no fear, be that of hellfire or thunderbolt.

I wholeheartedly accept science and human ingenuity as the most holy of principles.

I have but one mortal enemy: ignorance.

I exalt the throne of man on top of the rotting corpse of the Abrahamic god.I am held back by one person only: myself.

I have a sun burning inside of me, thus I may shine brighter than the subhumans.

I have a free heart, clean soul and a mind of purity.I am perfect; perfection is a constant state of improvement.

I accept spirituality, not as false superstition, but rather as a science waiting to be discovered by the pure of mind.

I am might incarnate, a god in the flesh, the highest expression of life in this world.

The most beautiful thing on Earth are the men and women who walk upon her.

The ugliest thing on Earth is stratified religion and dead idols.

I keep my words of wisdom in the shadows; the light is not for those who are without. Lest you regret it sorely.

Widow Apr 4 '18 · blogs+tags grimoire, luciferian, creed