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General Occult Chat
Occult discussion, including magick, alchemy, and any esoteric art.
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Joy_of_Belial · Apr 13 '18
forum+in Introductions
For those seeking, learning, and exploring the art of Divination.
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For all meditation discussion. Lucid Dreaming, Soul Travel, Kudalini, Ascension, Astral Projection, and more.
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Rituals and Spells
Discuss your latest rituals, rites of interest, their meaning, outcomes, and procedures.
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The pathwork you have been working on and the work you have been doing to ascend.
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Widow · May 22 '18
forum+in Dante's Necromantic Sorcery
Discuss and tell stories of Old and the legends untold.
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Conversations, messages, and connections with the Spirits. Share your experiences.
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Phosphorus · Apr 15 '18
forum+in Working with Hel
Off Topic
For rants, raves, and non-occult discussion.
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