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Widow Admin
Widow May 22 '18
For the past four months I have been working from Dante Abiel's "Necromantic Sorcery" in the Thirteen Judgements.

The main message I have received is "do not follow where others have failed". I have received messages of how to modify the rituals and pathwork such as supplementing blood where it was not called for and treading upon the graves of the dead. I have also received messages to go out of order than that depicted in the book.

I illustrated an oracle specifically for this path which I am to use to communicate with the dead for the living. Until recently I have been "unreadable" by all oracles until I was able to finally march on through my pathwork-stagnation. 

My biggest lesson learned thus far is to not expect. A hard lesson for someone used to commanding legions, where magick and spiritual communications have come easily.  One must fully serve the dead to work with them. And in that servitude, one must suffer as the dead have; a lesson I am still learning. My instructions were to suffer at the end of a whip--not one I could lash upon someone else but one I must feel for myself. Thankfully I have the people and means to complete these rituals in a timely manner. But this next ritual will involve a combination of summoning, possession, sacrifice, and consecration. 

I am due to complete these rituals within June and will further elaborate on my work. I'm also available for answering questions about it for those interested.